The Light is Here

A blanket of Source Light is hugging the Earth. Within it orbs of all sizes bounce, kissing our eyes and fluttering our cheeks. Transparent, wet, glistening, undulating light cushioning Gaia and her inhabitants. This light is causing a strong desire in the mass shadow to be healed. I am seeing the negativity of trauma, ego-constructs, mental illness, addictions running into the undulating arms of Source Love and Light. This love is here now. There is a calm in our air that we breathe now. Orphaned Aspects of Love are being attracted to this like insects to a light bulb. The pain is so great that the call of Home finally feels good. Now, in this time of great violence, the shadowlands within and without are freaking out, and eating themselves alive. Source Light is their only relief and I see them running for the undulating, iridescent arms of Lighted Love.  Well, how does this look exactly. Gosh, the spectrum is wide. For those who suffer the most from trauma/mental illness/addiction etc., it can be suicide by cop or life in prison. It can be becoming intoxicated and having a head on collision with a house or cars. The examples are far and wide. At the other end of the spectrum it can be simply apologizing first for being involved in a mis-communication in a no-fault zone. Many of us have been set-up or scape-goated by those engaging in nefarious behaviors but these rascals will eventually experience the same and will find the caress of the light more desirable. And the victims will get tired of playing those roles, find their voice, speak up and raise the vibration of our world. The bounce of light orbs will get us all trying a waltz with unconditional love. This light is really stirring the pot and each human is a pot. And all the unresolved issues are coming up to be healed. If your life vibration is chaotic and you’ve run and hid with bandaids that fall off rather than confront your issues, reach out for healing with various modalities then humanity can unite and have a chance. It’s up to each of us to take a stand and unite in the like-mindedness and like-heartedness of love. 

I am ready. I feel a nagging, old fear as I breathe in this Light. It doesn’t hurt like I thought it would.  In and out.  In through my nose and out through my mouth. The muscles of my neck are relaxing, my jaw is dropping, my eyes are drooping, my spine and back crack and loosen, my Soular plexus once pummeled by my Dad’s fists…everything relaxing, everything drenched in this love-light, the pain seeping out through my toes into Gaia’s welcoming arms. What do I do now, without the fear of abandonment, survival and punishment? Well, first I have to get a napkin because when my face relaxed I began to drool…lol. The answers are in the Light and the Light is here.

I am dancing with my partner and my partner is Source Light.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

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