Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com
“Basically I think the purpose of Life is to remember its origin in Love”  ~Sean Reagan~
Sometimes illness, disabilities and injuries are your
angels of healing.
Whether or not you recover from them or go
into remission is inconsequential.
They can open up the givers and savers to
being able to receive care and love.
They can close down the takers from
harming others and themselves.
They can simply make you grateful for
every breath you take, slowing you down to
sniff the flower of your very existence.
Beware the spiritual healers with fancy gadgets
and expensive protocols that are so common
on the internet these days.
The healing is within you.


Breathe in Source Light and Love from your heart.
As you breathe out, kiss the world with this Love,
with this Light.
be kind to yourself.
Only then will you find kindness in the world.



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