The Cloud

by John Roedel: (God, I love this dude!)

this isn’t how I planned for

my life to look like,” I whispered

under my breath as I walked to my car

“tell me about it,”

an eavesdropping cloud

replied to me from above

I looked up and watched

the cloud billow between looking

like a dove and an open hand

the cloud continued:

“I used to be a snowfield in Montana.

I used to be a dewdrop kiss on a lily.

I used to be a puddle in a parking lot.

I used to be a river in Mexico.

I used to be a glacier.

I used to be a waterfall mist in a jungle.

I used to be so many things.”

“doesn’t that make you sad?” I asked the cloud

“it used to – but not anymore,” the cloud replied while wrapping herself around me like a scarf. “I don’t think either of us were created to stay the same form our entire life.”

“I’m not sure I can let go of my old life,” I sighed.

“oh you simply must,” the cloud whispered in my ear.

” because once you release what you used to be

and embrace who you are meant to be now –

something amazing will happen,” the cloud said

“what’s that?” I asked while looking at my hands that were beginning to billow and shapeshift.

“you’ll start to float.”

and with that my feet lifted off the ground

~ john roedel

Photo by Fran Kie

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