Just look around at the world.

What do you see?

Sharp corners. Sharp angles.

A world built that way

because our eyes

see that way,

informed by injury.

Others are dangerous

because our eyes

see that way,

informed by injury,

entrenched in shame.

We seek the bandages of belief

in religion, political parties,

science, computer generated life,

avatars replacing organic beingness.

Our senses project ourselves as fragile,

informed by injury so we

hide behind the bandages of

suits, ties and trendy dresses.

Our senses form beliefs

informed by injury.

We dress the world in fear.

The Metaverse is here,

an artificial escape from injury,

spitting us out into a fake heaven.

Will we drown in it?

Bravely plunge off the high dive

of your experience.

You will be there at the bottom

to catch yourself.

Your soul doesn’t believe in your injuries.

It only sees your badges of courage.

Your soul reminds you that

your injuries are

scabs ready to peel off showing

new skin, new life.


Photo by Victoria Borodinova on Pexels.com

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