Realized Love

So, what is it?

It is the unconditional love of Source made real on Earth.


It’s the love a mother FEELS when she is willing to

trade places with her unborn baby if that’s what it takes.

It’s the love a fire fighter FEELS when he risks his life to save another.

Hey, what about the other side of the coin?

It’s the remorse you FEEL when you REALIZE

you have caused pain to another. It’s the AHA moment when

you see your part in causing a disaster episode in your life

and the life of others. And then back to an airy-fairy

episode in your life: the love you FEEL when you

sense everyone and everything on Earth is you.

So why aren’t you in Heaven tiptoeing through the tulips then?

Yeah, why are you here? Come-on, there’s gotta be a reason?

Well, here you can really FEEL stuff. If Heaven is the cake, then

our feelings are the icing. It’s so delish to sink your toes

into warm sand as salty waves lick between them.

Don’t you think that God wants to FEEL that?

No, you say that Heaven is already perfect?

Yeah, but once you taste the icing, it’s like you can’t go back

to plain perfect cake again, get my drift?

Heaven is the field of potential for All That Is.

And you and me here on Earth sluggin through the traffic,

we are realizing that potential. Oh great. So when our bodies

wear out from fighting the traffic and we get beamed up, Scotty

what do we do with all this potential we face

when the elevator door opens?

I think we add an octave of felt texture to the swirling Painting.

We enliven it, harmonize something new into the mix.

Heaven grows even more delish.

Because of you and me.

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