My View

It is with the feeling of gratitude I present to you, a gifted poet from my Homeland of Huerfano County, Colorado.

Wahatoya: Breasts of the Earth Photo by JW September 2022

It is a humble view,

seen from a small cottage

set in a hollow

beside a rough country road.


It is my view,

one that I alone can see,

hindered (or helped)

by my unique perspectives.


Two peaks rise on the horizon.

They speak to me.

I listen,

and then I write for you.


Other mountains dwell here.

From every direction they stare,

but I rarely hear them speak.

I listen only when they shout.



Twin Peaks.

Breasts of the Earth.

Spanish Peaks.


Names are many for my


Like a woman;

maiden, married, divorced,


their names change with



But always, they are there,

anchoring the earth

(and probably me)

as we seek our equilibrium.


My gratitude must seem


to something so much greater

than anything I have ever known.

–More than I could be.


Perhaps my role is simply

as a mirror to these mountains.

In writing my poems I will give to


a gift from Colorado.


Janice Walters © September 2022

Janice Walter’s Bio

Fifty years ago, a 16 year old girl was encouraged by a Creative Writing/English teacher to put together a collection of poetry and submit it for publication. She did. It was published and a small number were sold. The girl grew older, life happened, poetry was put on a shelf and only once in a while did it beckon her. She sought to “live” poetry and not just write it. Of course, that girl was me. (Janice Walters) Today, I still live my poetry, but perhaps having a few more years than the girl I used to be, I dared to pick up my pen and write once more. I have been sharing poetry inspired by the Twin Peaks of Southern Colorado. My intention is to follow them through the seasons, take some drives with my husband, Ben and snap more photos. And of course, write more poetry. Thank you to all the Huerfano Community friends and those personal family and friends who have been so positive in their comments, likes and loves. I am anticipating a collection being put together and perhaps sent off to some poetry contests that will publish the work, if I can win. Otherwise, I just may self-publish. No one knows the future, but because of such a generous response from Huerfano County, my (new) family, and friends, I’m going to try…After all, isn’t trying the best part of this journey called life?

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