Rough Landing

I’m not feeling very poetic now. My brain is short circuiting and yet I search for words to describe scenarios that float in the vast expanse of wilderness closing in on me. I stop now for a moment to butter Lindy’s english muffin and grab some water. Earth Mother is squeezing me with her messages and here in front of my laptop I will speak for Her:

Those of you with sensitivity have felt the shiftings, some subtle and some not so much. Sydney has a penchant for picking up the infections of my skin and deep injuries to my mantle. She has kept a brave face even though feeling the injuries to her own body as each of you feel because of the injuries, the polluting of my own body. For most of you of good heart, who have loved the Land, this is not on you but it affects you deeply. Those who deliberately pollute and rape me, you will not escape. The time frame to reverse your perverse actions is almost gone. For those who love the Land, be like the gypsies and nomads, the indigenous peoples, learn to pack up and move, pack up and move and you will find a way through the tumultuous times ahead of you. Covid is just the beginning, not brought on by me but by your service to self elite. A cycle of earthquakes in Taiwan and the west coast of Mexico, along the Ring of Fire was expected but will be amplified in the coming couple of years due to the damage to my internal organs. Who I am in Spirit is untouched. The waters are pristine and I am in perfect balance along my eternal spine. I embodied the Earth with my presence, my goal was to ground you in your mortal lifetimes upon my skins. Many of you are grounded and with me so I send this message again. Be ready to be as gypsies, be groups of peoples caravan-ing to pockets of safety with the like-minded, freedom loving, compassion filled populace. For those of you who live in the skies of your spirit, let down your landing gear and prepare for landing. You are strong enough to withstand the turbulences if you follow the messages from Spirit, able to detect those who would harm you and your loved ones and able to group together with compassion with the like-hearted and minded. The next few years will transition the infirm and very old ones. There will be elders who can move and make the trek. They will be those who hear the messages clearly. You will drop the contamination of the Matrix and its cheap, destructive, imprisoning technologies but technologies will be provided that are not tied to deception that will help you. Spirit must wipe clean the negative energies with its upgrading surges of Light. This will not affect those with light heartedness. So, no one goes untouched. Some will find this touch harmful and some will find it uplifting so this is the process of weeding out my garden. And it will happen everywhere. Everywhere. There is a general dismantling occurring now: an INCREASE in divorce, families splitting up, migration, losing of jobs and homes, illness, domestic abuse, mental illness, addiction, restricting of human rights, minorities being attacked and killed, fires, intense and frequent storms, hurricanes and tornados. Spirit and I are stirring the pot, breaking up old negative beliefs and patterns.

A note to Sydney: as an empath you have been susceptible to my injuries. On a daily basis, follow my movement meditations to buffer you and heal you in these times.

Me: Strap in your seatbelts. Put on your oxygen mask first so you can assist others. When you land, be prepared.

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2 thoughts on “Rough Landing

  1. There are those of us who move with the earth, finding the voice of comfort and peace for those empaths who bear such burdens as they do. Listen to all available to you that will keep you whole. The voice of healing is sometime small, but it is there.

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