Turbulence creeping over East Peak of Wahatoya

Janice Walters reminds me that “not all is as it seems”. The Divine Realms and Gaia remain in a place of equilibrium and peace at all times, lighthearted and with a disarming “sense of humor”.

All is Well. We are safe no matter the situation.


by Janice Walters

The sky turned inside out.
Earth cried to be shriven.
The sacrament of baptism
from a cloudburst was given.

The mountains screamed lightning.
The plains cried thunder.
Dikes in the foothills
threatened to break asunder.

Wind took pity
shifting the raging vandal,
ushering in light
from sun’s votive candle.

Gaia laughed heartily
at this stormy time
reduced by naivety
to the lines of a rhyme.

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