Coloring Heaven

I kind of know I’m dreaming. I’m on a playground with people that never see me. I’ve tried to get their attention before by smiling and waving but their eyes never blink as if I’m superimposed on their world. The ground is a grey cement, hard with no give. I begin JUMPING. I feel only a mental effort as I sink into my heels. I can even imagine an ache in my calves as my intention thrusts my body up. My lungs don’t ache for breath. That’s a good thing. Pretty soon, the effort I am imagining lessens.

At first my thoughts heave as I strive to break the gravity barrier I am imagining. But as the JUMP pushes me up towards a ceiling it gets easier. I start to float up and hold there for long strings of seconds, before breathless thoughts catapult me down. This air I breathe in up here lightens my thoughts. Each time I JUMP my thoughts can hold weightlessness a little longer floating my body up to just below the ceiling. I begin gulping some new blend of air like a fish at the top of a fish tank. I begin to see waves of color on the other side of the transparent glass. Breathing up here colors everything! I motion for the crowd to acknowledge my feat but again I am anonymous to their world. I wish so much they could join me in the JUMP. Maybe next time?

I really like this dream. Most of my dreams are not in color.

This dream breathes me into a state of being where I can color Heaven.

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