A Door is Opening

The East Peak speaks, “There is a light widening into the night
as if a door is slowly opening.
At first, SHE simply dissolved the energetic lock on the door to
the East Peak feeling safe because the seekers had not the eyes to see.
Those born to see are coming of age and some have waited
until elderly to sense the door shifting,
the breeze of the unseen Source Light Beings
finally showing themselves to The Land.
She knows the shadows will start moving now.
Gazing over the saddle between them,
She speaks her Partner, West Peak awake.
He looks over the Land, his eyes chase
these shadows activated now from their hiding places,
coaxed to run in plain sight, blathering their decaying thoughts,
their fear based beliefs as they try to hold onto
their beloved power and control.
Before leaving Wahatoya behind to travel to
The City of Angels huddled beneath smog and
the idolatry of music moguls, Hollywood Stars and
cheap hotels housing human trafficking victims,
I stood at the corner of Main St. and 7th Street which was once
La Plaza de Los Leones
when She spoke to me,
“You can run but you can’t hide.”

Talking to an acquaintance in a Safeway aisle in Walsenburg, I blurted out, “I’m tired of hiding.” The town went dark. The Peaks went dark. Then, I got in my Subaru and got the heck out of Dodge.

Truth is, I went dark. I fell into my shadowlands. It doesn’t matter where you live. It’s about waking up to the Light within you, that knows no death. We have the courage to conquer our own shadowlands. And this lightens up the World. And the Door is opening, spewing out Source Love to challenge those separated from It. We have a choice. To embrace Source Love, to know we are worthy of it right now no matter our mistakes, or we can give ourselves up to the shadowlands and disappear from ourselves.

“Don’t disappear from yourself” ~A message from the Twin Peaks of Wahatoya~




Wahatoya: Spanish Peaks Country

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