Stair Steps

Climbing up from the Highway of Legends, Huerfano County, CO Photo by JW
Photo by JW
Photo by JW

by Janice Walters


Legends abound

but I haven’t found

the knowledge for me

in the steps that I see.


They don’t seem to speak

like the Twin Spanish Peaks,

yet I am drawn to them

like a shiny gem.


Rough in places, smooth in others;

compacted together like triplet brothers.

Perhaps with consciousness expanding

they are stair steps to understanding.


As I gaze at each step

there is a visual duet

between rock and sky

each in harmony reply.


“We’re here!”

–comprehension dawns clear.

Looking only at one,

I had come undone.


Together, not apart,

–that’s at the heart

of all understanding

–no misunderstanding.


After comprehending

all Nature’s blending

I breathe out a sigh;

–I finally heard

Rock and Sky.



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