Ascension Channeling

Ascension Channeling
As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel. 

  “There is much that is arising on your third dimensional plane that triggers fear in people. This is actually the opportunity for a great blessing, because for some people this intense fear will cause a release and a surrender to evolution from within this sense of the overwhelming. That which you feel may destroy your world, can actually provide the impetus for the ultimate point of your world: awakening.   Just as the heightened anxiety and fear within a nightmare can bring the dreamer out of the dream, so too, can the apparent chaos in your world and the fear that it elicits, contain the potential jolt that serves to encourage the personality to surrender to the vastness, and ultimately, the true safety of the depths of the Oneness within.   There is much that is being ‘drawn out’ in your world. Just as a boil may come to the surface of the skin, or poison may be drawn out of a wound, the human collective mind is awash with many poisons which Spirit is currently attempting to draw out. However, many of you forget this bigger picture and instead only focus on the poisons themselves. Indeed, the very fact that these poisons are so prevalent in your world is positive evidence of the collective body of humanity purging these poisons from within itself.   If you perceive poisons within the world, realize that they cannot be remedied with adversarial energy. The only antidote is love. Adversarial energy always creates more of the very thing it opposes. So, be very mindful of how you, yourself, may be introducing poison into the world.   If you perceive darkness in the world, do not fight the darkness, as the fight itself will inherently contain elements of the darkness. Instead shine light intensely, bravely, and with relentless love. Create so much illumination around the pockets of darkness, that it is clear for all to see what those pockets are, and they will dissolve in the power of this glaring brilliance. Also, allow for grace and forgiveness for yourself if you are temporarily overcome by the ego during this collective process of purging, and remember that to judge yourself is the same as to judge others, as there is really only the One.   And finally, a dear part of Us who you some of you call Jesus has this to share:   ‘I did not teach the people by rooting out the darkness within them. I taught the people by seeing even the faintest spark of light within them and nurturing and fanning that spark, until they, themselves, could begin to perceive it and continue to stoke the fire from within.’

  “Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you.”
Liesel works with husband Robert Schwartz at

I don’t like the word Ascension because I see life in spirals, orbits and curves but from the 3D viewpoint and experience it will suffice to use terms such as “rise”, “ascend”, “lift”…lol. ~SydneyLynn

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