A Message for Empaths

By Robert Schwartz of “Your Soul’s Plan”

As channeled from the Beings of Light Through Liesel.  

“You have a natural tendency towards merging, a natural tendency towards unity instead of separation.  This is a wonderful gift.  In fact, you are the precursors of a humanity that is yet to come in which all humans feel their connection with one another.  Your innate gifts as an empath give you a powerful advantage in more easily merging your awareness back into Source energy.  The challenge is that like everyone on the planet, you have been taught and essentially “brainwashed” into perceiving that the third-dimensional world of surface form is reality.  You have been conditioned (as all have) to place your attention and awareness only on this tiny layer of true reality.  Therefore, because what your awareness is concentrated on is where the energy flows, you are currently most likely to be primarily or solely merging on this surface layer that some call the horizontal dimension.  

Viewed through a very fitting analogy, this surface layer of reality can be thought of as the very top layer of the ocean where the varied and often tumultuous waves of the ocean are felt.  Other people may only experience their own personal waves (in the form of their thoughts, emotions, and sensations that arise in response to their life experiences); however, as an empath you often experience your waves as well as the waves originally generated in others.  To build on the analogy, if you were to visualize a ring around each person as they float on the surface of the ocean, then the waves within each ring are what each person is experiencing.  Empaths tend to have a ring with a much greater diameter than other people do, and the diameter of an empath’s ring can fluctuate quite dramatically.  An empath’s ring often encircles or overlaps the rings of others.  

Yet, there is an amazing blessing hidden within your natural impulse to merge.  You can instead choose to merge in the vertical dimension by simply bringing your attention and awareness to this dimension more and more.  You can merge deep within and access the depths of the ocean that are beneath the surface.  These depths are not subject to those churning waves.  When you dive into the ocean of your true being you begin to realize the calm, still, loving peace that exists there, regardless of conditions at the surface.  From this deeper level of your internal and eternal ocean of being, you can also expand back out in the horizontal direction and realize that this deep peace made of the essence of love and light is actually beneath the surface of all others too.  You begin to realize that beyond the surface emanations of others that you have previously been tuned into that you are also capable of tuning into and receiving the emanations of their true selves, their Source essence, which is ultimately inextricable from the one boundless ocean of infinite love-light that you and they are.”

“Always know Our love is truly with you, because Our love truly is you”

A side note from Sydney Lynn:

When you SEE others deeply as their Source Selves, they too begin to sense the depth of love which they truly are. This is the awakening process, a profound gift you can offer much like being the flame that lights their match. This can easily be done without interfering with the surface layer personality’s behavior or actions. Easily done without judgement and this SEEING OR MERGING is safe because as the observer boundaries are never punctured, preventing the precious leakage of each Soul’s Signature within the One.

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