Towards the Sea

The Soul whispers, “keep moving“.
Life is a downstream motion:
“Come hither” it murmurs.
We come to rest in the side pockets
of experience along the way.
Sometimes for way too long.
Our ears filter out the gentle
calling of the Sea beckoning
us to untether from old
patterns, thoughts and beliefs.
Gently notice the algae and gnats
gathering in the stilled pools
of awareness as breath becomes
shallow and lungs gasp for
the air of movement and change.
Push off from the sides and
trust the currents to move you to
exactly where you should be.
Let go of the muddied banks and
begin to float downstream to the next
opening in awareness.
Can you hear the Calling now
as your breath pushes you
gently to a place of no grasping.
Like the gentle giant, the Manatee
your breath holds you as
you float towards the Sea.
Photo by Iyan Darmawan on

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