Spreading across the morning sky,

molten lava without the ash.

Inspiring, not destroying,

creating beauty that will not last.

I capture the seconds

in a camera lens

and remember with ease

the feeling of joy.

A single moment

in a lifetime expires;

the cost not too high,

for I have spent wisely.

Why this connection

with inanimate sunrise?

Or is sunrise not inanimate

after all?

I draw from the power

of the light of dawn.

I soak in the thrill

of being alive.

Spreading across a lifetime,

emotions and lessons

inspiring hope and longing;

building my life–

which cannot last.

Yet, somehow in the living,

and spark of the moment,

I am eternal!

–and spread across eons,

part of humanity


endlessly on.

Janice Walters


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